Past life recall,

At the risk of megalomania,

I accept the scale,

From the memory of my greatness.

Proud, wearing faith as an armour, fearless.

I walk on and give my life for theirs.

These 300,000 souls are sweating.

And for 2000 years, I hear in their tears.

In unwavering support I was the irascible.

For the Romans, the inadmissible.

Alone I've tear down the unconquered,

With my life, saved my people from their invasion.

These terrible villains, imbued,

Tyrants, never satisfied, of our women abuses.

Drinks, drops, even eats our newcomers.

They call us barbarian, despise our arts,

Impose their knowledge, the weapons to seat them.

Fear drives these cheats,

Who by fear of our swords are tainted with armor.

Frightened by death, terrified by the invisible,

Their plan: to annihilate the sensitive realm,

Then we'll can fill their chests and drink their wine,

To forget in our women the rapes, the stabbing.

Ancient Viking I was made Celtic King.

I am known to the Prussians and the Hevelts.

Vercingetorix was my name.

By thousand, I have annihilated their garrisons.

The forces of life and peace, I emulate in legion.

On earth to remind men of Unity,

One life isn't worth more than another,

Likewise with all belief and all suffering,

All passion, all betrayal,

All together, let's wear the coat of arms loud and clear,

Of the beauty of life that shines on the eternal horizon.

I give peace to the souls who have owed me their lives.

To this people who for 2000 years have guided me.

By their tears, all those souls clinging to mine,

May they finally rest in peace,

And only one left...

All the others stayed.

By my side to protect me,

Stayed by choice and loyalty.

Here I am filled with so many enlightened guides,

Of magic in this infinite life,

Of beauty in the worst harshness.

Finally I forgive my enemies.

Karmic justice works on,

Finally, it is peace that I choose.

There are other weapons than spears,

Come out ideas, beauty and transcendence,

Crack the heart sky's with live rounds,

Yes, it is possible to refuse violence.

To embrace everyone as a brother and begin to dance.

In this life it will not be evil with evil,

But good for good,

Because there is no effort to make to suffer.

Construction requires to support each other.

I cannot be worthy instead of an Other being,

It's up to me to redirect this Other being,

Towards the acceptance of his own miracle

Listening to his inner god, his oracle.

Poem written and read by Silvio Milone at la filature du Mazel - France, in the Raw Power records studio, filmed by Cam Aux Mille Production. A production de rêve. 2022