Silvio Milone is a French artist and moviemaker, he was born on the 19th of august 1990 in Paris suburb, he lives and works in Provence.

In 2015 he graduated at the HEAR Strasbourg with his short film Workers, for his essay he translated the Phillippe Vasset novel into a cinematographic scenario.

During his studies, he evolve into the multidisciplinary collective Manifart, creating videos, photographies, installations, performances and sound productions.

A shape-shifting practice wich connect cinematographic direction, performance, experimental video, photography, DJing and musical productions.

In his work, he try to unearth cultural barriers, society paradoxe's, and interrogate our relationship to technology, our fears.

He attempt to express the ineffable and the invisible, with an esthetic impacted by the symbols and the myths.

His works have been showed in places like the National centre Georges Pompidou and La Maison Rouge in Paris, la Maison de l’image in Strasbourg, Montévideo in Marseille, French institute of Marrakech and at the Visual Art Network of south Africa, in Johannesburg.