Behind_the_sea_02 - NFT unique artprint

Unique*, signed artwork.
2022 ©Silvio Milone

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Categorie: Nft

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  • Behind_the_sea_0 is part of a 7 digital photography serie turned into NFT.

    This artwork is printed on Hahnemuhle Fine-Art Baryta mat paper, 340 grams, fixed on 3mm dibond plate, aluminum mounting rig.

    60 cm x 40 cm (23,6 Inch x 15,7 Inch )

    Quality of the prints guaranteed 100 years in the right conservation conditions.

    You can deduce this limited artwork from your taxes.

    Don't hesitate to contact for any question.

    *1/1 left in stock

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  • Poids 500 gr.
    Longueur 60 cm
    Hauteur 40 cm
    Profondeur 15 cm